Dr. Anushree Rawat - Best Gynecologist in Agra

Dr. Anushree Rawat MBBS MS OBGY (Gold medalist) , FMAS

Founder and Managing Director of Agra woman wellness center, located in the heart of Agra city.

Dr. Anushree Rawat is a senior and renowned gynecologist, working in Agra as a head consultant. she is an experienced Laparoscopic surgeon with keen interest in urogynaecology.

Dr. Anushree Rawat has built a totally dedicated and at-par skilled team of doctors including an Obgy Consultant Paediatrician surgeon, anaesthetist and Physiotherapist, and yoga expert , and skilled paramedical staff to provide the best medical care to all the age groups of women with an individualized approach Visit us and enjoy your womanhood and maternity with child care with us because HERE WE CARE

Our Specialities


Fertility treatments frequently comprise hormone and ovulation-regulating medicines, which are occasionally paired with small surgical opera-tions. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) refers to a variety of techniques that can assist you in having a baby.


The doctor offers therapies such as Gynaeco-logical Endoscopy, Complicated Pregnancy Treat-ment & Gynaec Laparoscopy. Her kind demeanor makes patients feel at ease. She specializes in reproductive therapy.

Laparoscopic Surgeon

To do minimally invasive general & intestinal surgery. We aid in the removal of abdominal scars, as well as to reduce post-surgery dis-comfort & provide higher aesthetic advantages.


Our maternity nurses have received lactation training as well. A lactation consultant is available to help with breastfeeding complications after childbirth. We are here to help anyone who is having difficulty breastfeeding

Antenatal Education

Prenatal care, pregnancy, and postnatal care are the three components of pregnancy care. While prenatal care receives a lot of attention, postnatal care is just as vital.


We provide diagnosis and treatment, specialist doctor, maternal health, Medical and health check-ups, Information and advice, Health-advice, Health-related information, Screening
and tests You can count on us to offer you
and your family the best possible care.

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